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National Quality Standard

  • Supports and promotes continuous quality improvements in education and care services.
  • Investigates incidents and complaints.
  • Monitors and enforces compliance.

National Quality Framework

The National Quality Framework is in place for children’s education and care services across Australia. The framework in WA is comprised of the:

  • Education and Care Services National Law (WA) Act 2012
  • Education and Care Services National Regulations 2012
  • National Quality Standard
  • Rating and Assessment process.


The majority of education and care services in Western Australia are covered by the:

The services covered are centre-based services including those previously known as long day care and outside school hours care. A small number of services in WA, including occasional (casual) care services, mobile services and services covered by the Australian Government’s Budget Based Funding Program, are covered by:

Find out more about the WA regulatory unit here.