The Pods STEM Accreditation is here! The Pod’s STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Maths) Accreditation has been created to support Educators in their implementation of STEM activities and learning into daily practice, philosophy and programs.

The STEM Accreditation provides guidance, support and professional development for Educators to build confidence in their delivery of STEM in practice.

Level 1 STEM Accreditation enables educators to better support children’s natural dispositions for investigative thinking in the principles of science, technology, engineering and maths.

If you’d like to demonstrate your commitment to providing engaging STEM learning opportunities for young children and be recognised for your commitment, then The Pod’s STEM Accreditation program is for you!

Being Level 1 STEM Accredited will give you the ability to identify the STEM that is already happening through every day activities and to further extend this thinking with the children, which can be reflected in your programme, portfolios and communications with parents.Level 1 STEM Accreditation

To become Level 1 accredited there are two requirements.

  1. Educators must have attended a STEM Personal Development Training Course (min 4hrs)
  2. Educators have documented their commitment to participating in the STEM accreditation and have provided proof of STEM implementation via their programme.

What you get?

Once you have completed the accreditation process, you are not only held in the highest regard by The Pod Team and those around you, you also receive a bag of goodies to brag about how fantastic you are!

STEM Accredited members will receive:

  • 20cm x 20cm Window decal suitable for outside display
  • 12cm x 12cm Accreditation sticker for inside room display
  • Electronic sticker for use on website, socials and emails
  • A4 certificate
  • Your centre/ room will be featured on the Pod’s website