The Monday morning ritual of making a to-do list for both the day and week ahead…Sometimes this can appear overwhelming on paper. When writing today’s, I reflected on Directors and Educators in centres, on Family Day Care Educators, and how their list must be of course different, but I’d guess much longer than mine!

In order to find that edge in getting my hustle-on in achieving my tasks, capturing what motivates me seemed like a great way to remember why I am doing what I am and avoid procrastination when it comes to the less enjoyable undertakings! I decided to share this with you and hopefully you too, can inspire others with your getting-your-hustle-on-motivators!

  • Inquiry. Children and families alike, benefit greatly from the education and care they receive early in life; this aids in the foundations in which to grow, explore and investigate the world. I had great teachers encourage my scientific drive when I was very very little! I am now living my childhood dream of studying science and using these skills to deliver organic, fact based work! #livingthedream
  • Creativity. Although there are tricky tasks that are more onerous than others, I love the collaborative work I accomplish with my colleagues; it is so creative in its development unfolding it is worth the hustle to get to the juicy innovative bits! #creativity
  • Deadlines. When you reach that point where the next leg is to the end, that’s an awesome feeling! Completion is around the corner and we should always celebrate our achievements! A deadline can be a blessing. #deadlines

So how do you get your hustle on? What is your motivator in tackling the week ahead?