The Pod is a concept that resulted from extensive research, consultancy and trialed methods of support within the Early Education and Care sector during the 2013 – 2015 Regional Community Child Care Development project. The Pod operates under the umbrella of Investing In Our Youth and is managed by a Board of highly skilled professionals from the South West community.

The inception of The Pod stemmed from the identified gaps and needs which impact the delivery of care throughout the South West. Four key foundational pillars were established, then built upon to bring you what is known across the South West, as The Pod.

We are commonly asked, “What does the POD stand for?”. Our answer is two-fold! Nope, the Pod is not an acronym for anything – we simply love that we are a pod of consultants working as a hub in supporting you! What else? We stand for the healthy, safe and happy environment for the children from our amazing communities, by supporting for-profit and not-for-profit Early Education and Care services.