Connecting with other Educators in the South West can be incredibly difficult – we get it. This is why we have developed a two-tired forum where there is a forum for Pod members which includes a Directors log-in only and a general forum where staff are able to log-in and chat with other Educators from the South West. The Pod also anticipates that there will be skills building and networking opportunities hosted by us, brought to you, throughout the year.

Are the Forums anonymous?

Not entirely. When you fill out your membership, the username will be set then. The Pod will set up additional log-ins as per request where less-identifiable usernames can be created.

Alternatively you as a member, can have The Pod post on the forum on your behalf. Perhaps you have a question for other Directors about HR issues and you’re looking for other’s experinces to help assist you in decision making. The Pod can take your inquiry to the forum and ask the question for you – maintaining confidence at all times. We also monitor the forums and have outlined what happens if there is anti-social behaviour occurring on there. Find out more about our Terms of Use.