“I can say with 100% confidence that if it were not for the work of the POD team, our centre would not be where it is today, and there is a real possibility we would have had to shut our doors. I will be forever grateful!”

– South West Educator

“We loved everything about working with The Pod. Great support and good networking with other professionals.”

– A Regional Not-For-Profit Service in the South West of WA

“As a result of working with the pod we have successfully applied for the grants through the community child care fund program. without the support of the pod it would have been highly likely that we would not have been able to meet the grant application deadlines.  The changes these grants being successful will have on our business are basically being viable or not and closing down.”

– A Regional For-Profit Service in the South West of WA

“Having the external audit completed allowed us to recognise areas for improvement and to communicate these needs to staff with professional back up and support. We were then able to change the curriculum so that we can show connection with areas that were seen to be missing and also look more professional and impart to staff the critical need for self-reflection.”

– A For-Profit Service in the South West of WA

“Being the only centre in our small rural town it is really wonderful to know there is help available and that that help came to us as we do not have enough staff to always travel for any type of training or professional development.  I firmly believe that the help we have received to this date was crucial in us receiving our rating.”

 – A Small Rural Not-For-Profit Service in the South West of WA

“When we were facing a number of issues that needed to be addressed within our centre, it was very difficult to focus on one problem, and sort it out, as it felt as if we were constantly dealing with problems and issues and were struggling to resolve them. The Health check, Action Plan…laid everything out in one concise document and gave us guidance on where to focus our energy (on the priorities) and gave us a timeline so that we could achieve all the things we needed to.”

– A Regional For-Profit Service in the South West of WA

“…this was extremely valuable to myself as the chairperson, and also to the director working in the centre. I know the director benefited greatly from the support and face to face interaction as I was often not able to spend a lot of face to face time with the director due to my work commitments. It was also helpful for me to know that she was getting that support so I was able to focus on other things and not also worry as much about how she was going.

Overall I felt we all worked very well together and I was kept very informed of what work was being done, and appropriate approvals etc were sought.”

– Owner of a For-Profit Service in the South West of WA