Who is The Pod?

We exist to facilitate a healthy, safe and happy environment for our children by supporting for-profit and not-for-profit Early Education and Care services. Through evidence based methodologies, we unite the sector with South West-centric networking, professional development opportunities and promote and advocate for the South West sector. Our AIMS evolve and become refined with each evaluation, consultation and research, identified trend and measured outcome. This is to ensure that The Pod remains relevant to the sector and the sector’s needs for the delivery of quality education and care to nurture our children for the future.

The People

There is a team of skilled professionals arming The Pod with over 50 years of experience. Meet Bernie, Claire and Sara.

The Background

The Pod is a concept that resulted from extensive research, consultancy and trialled methods of support within the Early Education and Care sector during the 2013 – 2015 Regional Community Child Care Development project. The Pod operates under the umbrella of Investing In Our Youth and is managed by a Board of highly skilled professionals from the South West community. You can learn more about Investing In Our Youth and the Board that supports The Pod here.

The inception of The Pod stemmed from the identified gaps and needs which impact the delivery of care throughout the South West. Four key foundational pillars were established, then built upon to bring you what is known across the South West, as The Pod.

What We Learnt

During the Regional Community Child Care Development Project consultation phase in the South West, we learnt a lot about the needs of Education and Care services in the region. This consultation period helped shape The POD. Thank you for your feedback – we continue to listen and always appreciate your suggestions.